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Mike Krybus
Sound Design
Sound Design

About Me

A fascination for motorsports and everything car-related initially ignited my passion for sound design, which I’ve been following ever since and led me to my current path as a sound designer.

I’ve been studying sound design for film at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, Germany, and graduated in early 2023. Throughout my studies, I have worked on various film projects, ranging from Short Films and Documentaries to Full-Dome 360° Films.

With a primary focus on sound design for racing simulators, I specialize in creating immersive and authentic audio experiences within a professional environment. Throughout out the years, I have established long-term partnerships with companies such as Virtual Racing Cars LLC, external clients or private contractors, which have provided me with invaluable opportunities to work on a diverse range of cars.

I’ve been working with FMOD Studio since 2014, my go to DAWs are Ableton and ProTools.


Contact me for job inquiries, complete CV or more information at:

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